Thursday, February 24, 2005

Flights update

The flights are booked & paid for and the tickets are on their way to us. One more hurdle crossed.

Took a look tonight at some very exciting technology that would be quite useful for our doc... if we can convince the manufacturer to create one for us.

Monday, February 21, 2005


Who knew booking tickets to Africa could be so much fun?

Jesse, Ben, and I spent a lot of the day today trying to get our tickets worked out and paid for. We're having to pay for these tickets out of our own bank accounts (not even credit card!) so, for me, this is a step of faith. I've been over to Africa three times in the last year, but always through a partner organization where I could leave the accounting to professionals (and the money came from their bank account).

This time we're independant. That's good for a lot of reasons - we can be honest in our views, and have integrity in our artistry. Responsibility comes with that freedom.

It's a faith-builder for me, because we still haven't sorted out where our Canadian donations will be routed through. We have a fallback in Wellspring, but because they are part of what we're filming, outsiders could rightly question our independance. The people at Peace Portal are interested in what we're doing, but the policies of Peace Portal have yet to catch up with the trips we took last year, so Rwanda is a bit of a challenge.

So the two of you reading this blog can:
a) pray for faith and for God's hand
c) pray for God's face... we really want this film to mean something
d) start saving your pennies, so when we know where you can donate to, you'll be ready. (And yes, I know this list is missing a letter... it's a test).

If you're reading this without knowing me or Jesse, you might be wondering some things... I'm almost done my support letter. It's a good process to try to put into words why we're doing this (and just what it is we're doing). I'll post some of those ponderings soon. (Hmm... Ponder Productions... perhaps I better trademark that before someone reading this blog does :)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Jesse & Lyn invitation video

Here's a short clip from Jesse & Lyn, inviting people to their information night:

The first post...

Hey folks. Welcome to the blog for our upcoming experience in Rwanda. Jesse & Lyn Rosten, Chris Davies, and myself (Trevor Meier) are planning to head to Rwanda to film a documentary in April of 2005.

The 10-year anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan genocide has received a fair amount of press, both in the media and on film. Much of the coverage has focussed on the hell on earth that unfolded in the 100-days following the death of the Hutu president.

A decade has passed. We are going to Rwanda with the purpose of showing the progress of restoration and healing on a very scarred nation. Our particular subject will be the Wellspring Foundation, an organization started by two friends to bring high quality education to the battered Rwandan system. Jeff and Richard are two western trained, native African whites who are bringing Western expertise and finance to support a Rwandan vision to develop strong Christian values-based education, curriculum development, and teacher training.

In Rwanda we will be joined by B.J. Schrag, Ben Farrant, Richard & Ericka Taylor, and Jeff & Jodi Komant. We're now in the process of making our preparations, fundraising, researching, and planning out our two-week shoot.

A few details are still up in the air, and if you catch this site in the next short while, we'd appreciate your prayers.

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