Thursday, August 25, 2005

One for the road

I've had a great time down in Redding. It's been very relaxing, fun, and rejuvenating to be away from the pressures of home and with great people like Lyn & Jesse. We've worked away at the documentary while I've been here, and here's where we're at:

  • the structure of the documentary is finally coming together. We've been pushing clips around, debating various approaches, getting frustrated, finding hope, and getting lost again, only to find other solutions to the nagging content issues that come with having only two weeks to film in a location as complex as Rwanda. We think we've got a plan that will work well, though perhaps not as 'sellable' as we once hoped for.

  • the teaser/trailer for the documentary is complete. You can access the low-res version here and the hi-res version here. (Quicktime 7 required.)

  • we've recorded some original music for the soundtrack. You can hear a small portion in the trailer.

  • the promo piece we're putting together with all our extra footage to help out Wellspring is essentially complete. There's a few nips and tucks to be done yet and a final look-through by Richard & Jeff. I'll post it here when it's complete (if there's room on my server...)
I head home Saturday morning. With both Jesse and I going back to work (have to pay rent somehow!), we're not sure when we'll be able to have the final edit of the full documentary completed, but we'll post when we know more. Thanks again for all of your support.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Post-production in progress

Howdy folks... well, for the two of you that still check this blog, thought we'd post an update. I (Trevor) am down in Redding, abode of he (Jesse) who resides here.

Over the past few months we've captured all the footage and picked up a few more interviews and needed shots. Since arriving here we've been logging and watching footage and building up a long list of quotes and clips we'd like to use.

Jesse is working some of his After Effects magic, doing some composites and throwing together some sweet visuals. Soon we'll start assembling an... assembly edit.

Stay tuned... we'll let you know how things go. I'm here until the end of August, so we'll likely have more to report before I leave (that is, if we get enough work in between mountain biking, camping, and trips to the lake...)

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