Sunday, April 15, 2007

Update on our progress

I have yet to hear of a personal documentary project such as this one that didn't take at least twice the expected time to complete. This film is no exception :)

I've been making excellent progress on the editing in the last few months. Though it's been stop and start as life and passion play their intimate dance, I've begun see the complex story begin to take a meaningful shape. I wish everyone could experience the intricacy and depth of these stories as much as I have, sifting through the words and images again and again, finding the threads that connect one to each other. It's a dramatic story, filled with heartbreak and hope, and I only hope in the telling to mirror the vividness of the real thing.

We are holding a preview screening in a week to test of a few elements of the story... and to tame the rabid fans who've been waiting two years since we first began production :) Since the finished film won't be out for awhile longer, I wanted to give everybody a glimpse into the story... because it is an amazing story.

It won't be the full experience... much of the creativity and beauty will be put into the film at later stages. I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to return to Rwanda with a camera that can capture the beauty of the place and people in much better fidelity than what we've been working with. Though at each stage we've been cutting edge for a low-budget indie production, technology has advanced a great deal since we began. I think you'll be blown away if you get the chance to see this new footage on a large screen.

Come out if you can next Saturday. And if not... keep your eyes plugged here for more news.


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