Sunday, January 20, 2008

Filming Progress in Rwanda

Production has been going very well here in Rwanda. We've travelled to the East of Rwanda with Elsie, taken aerials from a helicopter above the countryside, interviewed Arthur in his new Bourbon Coffee shop, and much more in between. We've hit several snags, including sickness, scheduling and equipment issues... but each one we've been able to overcome with a little bit of can-do and duct tape.

The RED Digital Cinema Camera continues to impress, though we've had a few growing pains. Check out the image link near the bottom of this page [→] to see why we're so excited about the RED.

We're working hard towards a Tuesday wrap here in Kigali, and then heading south to film in the Nyumbwe forest and at Lake Kivu before Lyn & Jesse leave on Sunday. I'll be staying on an extra week to pick up miscellaneous extra bits of footage and build out my photography portfolio of Rwanda. (which runs the news portion of this site) has been intermittent at best, so the majority of the coverage of our trip is happening at our personal blogs, and Follow our progress there, and check out some of the past updates, including a photo gallery I've posted from the first part of the trip.


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