Friday, January 11, 2008

Return to Rwanda

Lyn, Jesse and I have packed our bags and are catching a plane... we're headed back to Rwanda.

We'll be travelling to Rwanda for two weeks with the fantastic new RED One, a 4K digital cinema camera. We have the honour of being the first 4K d-cinema shoot ever in Africa, and we hope to bring back beautiful images for such a beautiful country.

The trip will focus on capturing imagery to enhance our story. We'll also be catching up with several of our characters, filling in their stories with some of the events that have taken place since the start of production in 2005.

We're again partnering with our in-country hosts, The Wellspring Foundation, with assistance from the Bridgeway Foundation.

We're excited about the opportunity to capture Rwanda in beyond high-definition... and also excited to have a post-production schedule with a window for final picture editing. With some changes in my life, I'm now free to focus exclusively on the editing of the film after getting back to Canada in mid-February. The current schedule has us to picture lock in time for an early April screening of the film in Rwanda.

I'll be keeping regular posts here and on my personal site,


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